Special Occasion Meals

We all have these days in our lives and frankly this is the question I get asked most often…where should we go for our (fill in the blank here).  When you have a wad to spend, might I suggest the following?

Restaurant Eugene—Expect pristine ingredients sourced from artisanal farmers and purveyors. If you appreciate the salty joy of a hand-picked tomato that you get this place. Chef Hopkins is the genuine article when it comes to local and seasonal.

Craft—Sexy and sophisticated, this venue is gorgeous.  Try roasted mushrooms and a ridiculously tender short rib or the halibut with it’s salty crisp crust….come hungry and be willing to play with the menu a bit. Do not miss the lobster tortellini or tuna tartare.

Livingston—Located in the Georgia Terrace Hotel the dining room is decked out in marbeled splendour…but not at all fussy and pretentious.  The cuisine stands up to the surroundings with former Canoe and Taurus chef Gary Mennie at the helm.

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