Good Things

Lists are one of my more compulsive habits…I’m that nerd that still likes paper and pen.  Give me a fine piece of paper and a pen with smooth roller action and I just can’t wait to make a list of something.  Of course for our purposes I will be typing my hand-written lists.

The following are a few of my favorite list topics…restaurants I can’t stop thinking about, wines that made the earth move, books, chocolate truffles and whatever else rolls my way.

List #1

Good Food for Everyone.

Unfortunately we’ve trained our offspring to admire the culinary nuances in chicken fingers and French fries as opposed to say prosciutto and black truffles, but this does not mean my dining integrity should suffer as well.   The ATL has heaps of fabulous places to dine where the menu works for everyone —especially the kids.  Here’s a line-up of some of my faves:

Sprig—Gorgeous $4 kid’s meals work nicely alongside an intelligent menu and wine list.

Leon’s Full Service-–Love the burger here, and the killer beer selection.

Cakes and Ale—Just show your kids the phatty cakes in the display case before dining and they’ll eat up.

Violette—Who can argue with a solid French menu of coq au vin and quiche?

Five Seasons Brewing—Great craft brews and lots of organically inspired dishes.

Bocado—Sandwiches are amazing, the space is mod and hip, get the kids a grilled cheese.

Farm Burger-–Walk-up burger joint with heaps of creativity on toppings and sides.

Abattoir—My kids dig the braised rabbit and fried chicken livers, really.

JCT Kitchen—Umm, fried chicken and parmesan truffle fries, hello?

Taqueria del Sol—For a turbo meal that can’t be beat, it’s all about the fish taco.

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