About Salthill

Salthill is a misty perch of land that rises above Galway Bay, Ireland…and just near the top rests Monksfield House, the Kelly Family home for well over 50 years. The Hill, The House and its Hearth are the triumvirate around which many Kellys have gathered in convivial community of talk, feast, wine and whiskey. This blog is my online hearth, Slainte!

About the Author, Katie Kelly Bell:

I’m a freelance writer based in Atlanta.  My work has appeared in Southern Living, The Atlantan (and several other Modern Luxury magazines), Atlanta Magazine, Delta Sky, The Miami Herald, Sommelier News, Where Magazines, The Atlanta Journal Constitution and various and sundry other publications.  View my portfolio online at  www.katiekellybell.com

And a few more details:

I’m not a numbers girl, so wines that score really well in the Big Important Wine magazines are nice and such, but that isn’t where I live.  For me it’s all about the hunt for the best tasting wine that didn’t cost me a mortgage payment.  Now, that doesn’t mean I only drink ‘cheap’ wine; rather I look for expensive taste in every wine, and shoot, if the wine costs $70 bucks and tastes like $70 bucks, then it’s worth every penny.

I do not have a fancy pants tasting room with vaulted ceilings and a look of importance.  No, I taste at home, in my kitchen, with the kids doing homework and dinner cooking on the stove.  I suspect this is how the rest of the world tastes their wine, all the better to be on the same page.


(That’s Gaelic for ‘cheers’ in case you were wondering)


2 thoughts on “About Salthill”

  1. I came to via a link on Arocha temp/garn Wine..I can’t make out from you site…whether you sell it or not ? And if you do…how much a dozen do you charge…thanks…best wishes..kristine byrne

    • whinebytheglass said:

      Hi, no sorry, I do not sell this wine, but you can try contacting Austral Wines, as they are the importers. Thanks for reading.

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