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With apologies to Piggly Wiggly, the Pig I’m talking about is the wild boar that adorns Gary Eberle’s wine labels: specifically his Vineyard Select Cabernet Sauvignon, 2008. Without fail, when I serve this wine people swoon. Well, almost. At a recent wine tasting I poured this wine and, as expected, the guests circled ‘round…”What is this? Where did you buy it?  How much does it cost?  Can I find it around here?”  Even the chef catering the event later cornered me for scoop on where to get “that freakin’ amazing,” Eberle Cab.

Eberle is something of a winemaking visionary. Shoot, he was one of the original UC Davis team members who mapped Paso Robles AVA back in the 70’s when we were all still drinking Blue Nun. He knows his dirt, and he swears by the climate (bright sunny days, very cold nights) and soil of Paso as ideal for growing amazing Cabernet Sauvignon and other Bordeaux varietals.

So what makes the Vineyard Select Cabernet so compelling?  Velvety edges at the beginning, a warm spice mid-palate tinged with chocolate and cedar, and a deep sigh of a finish heavy on the dark red fruits—all wrapped up in a vellum of earthiness. I’m also a Huge Fan of the price: $17-$19 bucks.  Now that’s something to snort about.