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What to drink with Striper Bass?

Tohu Pinot Noir (2008). It’s a fine example of what I like to call the total New Zealand Pinot Package.  For whatever climatic reasons, New Zealand’s Pinot Noirs strike an almost pitch perfect balance between New World fruit forward cherry spiciness and the classic Old World earthiness. They play nicely together in the glass and it’s that balance that makes wines like Tohu pleasing to drink—and fantastic with food.  At roughly $22 a bottle, Tohu is one of the better values, consistent year-to-year and a great go-to wine if you’re having trouble deciding what to drink.  Of course we found it to be a perfect fit with our bass (brushed with olive oil, kosher salt, lemon and some pepper)…the fish was flaky, but a trifle steak-like too, so the wine didn’t overpower and the fish didn’t get lost.

Naturally we had to sample our fresh catch with a white wine as well. Abacela’s Albariño (2010) was the ideal fit. Heaps of mouth-watering citrus and some whiffs of perfume all held together with a zippy mineral backbone; this is one of the best Albariños I’ve ever tasted….and it’s crafted in Oregon. Pair it with fish, drink it alone, with friends, just drink it.