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At a recent wine dinner in Atlanta (at the lovely Dogwood Restaurant) I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing the dapper Clarke Swanson, proprietor of Swanson Vineyards and grandson of the Swanson frozen food empire (TV dinner anyone?).  Naturally, we drank some lovely wines, but the 2010 Rosato ($24) absolutely stole the show. Made from first run juice of Sangiovese grapes (the saignée method), it has a bold wild salmon hue. The wine literally bursts with notes of cherry and watermelon…calling to mind visions of myself at age nine lapping up the delicious coldness of a watermelon popsicle in the stagnant Midwestern heat.  Rich and fresh, it’s a craveable, gorgeous wine.  Alas, there’s only one place you’ll likely find it, on the Swanson website. It’s worth a visit and while you’re there, poke around and check out the clever Modern House Wines, with playful labels along the lines of: Just Married, Swell Swill, Lucky Night and Please Forgive Me. 

Order at www.swansonvineyards.com