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One just has to love wines that taste fabulous and cost me about as much as a gallon of gasoline (which isn’t saying much these days, I know).  But, these two wines from Spain (Arocho Red and Arocho Sauvignon Blanc) are something special. At $8.99 a bottle there’s a lot to love here.  Hailing from Western Catalunya, the Sauvignon Blanc is crafted in a more flowery style. A wee spot of added Chardonnay and Viognier gfive it a rich backbone with a hint of perfume.  If you don’t care for the zippy grapefruity style of a New Zealand SB, this is your wine.  It also just won a double-gold medal at the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America conference 2 weeks ago in Orlando.  Impressive stuff for $8.99.
The Tempranillo/Garnacha is my fave here. At first sip it came off a trifle plummy, but first impressions can be utterly off base.  Because I was hosting a party and serving the stuff I couldn’t just put it aside  for a different wine  I had to stay put, make small talk and stick with it.  Well, hello…over the course  of the glass it grew more lush and complex.  I tasted violets, spices and cherry.  This wine is my new best friend, we go to parties, we sit on my porch after a long Monday, we go camping.  At $8.99–-it’s a no-brainer wine, and you’ll suffer less angst at the gas pump knowing you are saving some green on cheap, but delicious wine.