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Loosely crumpled paper cleans the class best...without breakage.

Who said newspapers were on the way out?  Make your paper do double duty…of course read it first, enjoy the look and feel of the printed word, and then promptly place it under the sink.  There it will rest until you wash the evening’s wine glasses.  I have struggled for years with getting my Riedels, Spieglaus Target Brands and Schott Zwiesels pristine.  My glassware ritual (which my husband finds extensively tiring)…involves smelling the glass and then holding it up to the light.  This is where the shock comes in.  Typically (in my before-newspaper time) the glass would be coated in a filmy residue and splotchy with all manner of spots, rather like a child with a raging case of measles.  Who wants their Oregon Pinot Noir touching that stuff?  I tried sponges, paper towels, drip dry, and dishwasher…

Then I discovered newspaper.

After rinsing my glass in a hot water with a mild soap I set it aside to drain a bit.  Then I crumple up a wad of newspaper, loosely crumple mind you, gently push it into the glass and wipe with care.  A gentle swipe of the inside and a more thorough one of the outside and my glasses are always spankin’ clean.  If I could explain the science of newsprint to you and why it makes glass so clean I would.  I picked up this little secret at the framing store where they told me they only use newspaper to clean the framing glass.  Cheers to spot-free, residue-free glassware!