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My husband has been sequestered in Minneapolis conference room for over 12 days, learning the finer nuances of credit, enjoying a steady diet of Midwestern hotel food and gamely weathering the balmy 3 degree temperatures.  We miss him, I miss him. So, tonight, to welcome him home I will prepare him a hearty Italian vegetable and sausage soup and a from-scratch manchego and herb pizza.  We’re talking wood-burning-warm kinda food, and of course we’ll need a deeply satisfying red wine for this meal.

I’m reaching for Bordeaux.

Chateau d’Issan, 2007, Margaux, Grand Cru Classé, (which means this vineyard was awarded a special ‘fancy pants’ designation by the French in 1855…so it’s got street cred as far as quality is concerned). $45

Tastes Like: First, decant and let it get comfy. This is a wine to get familiar with over the duration of an evening. Taste some now, let it sit, try again in 30 minutes. You’ll get layers of chocolate, warm cigar box spice and loads of round supple black fruits from start to finish…rather like enjoying the heady aroma of  freshly cut cedar deep in the forest. Made primarily from Cabernet Sauvignon this wine can easily age 10 years, but is delightfully drinkable now.

Sorry this image is so lousy---but the gold label is just not camera friendly, and I never said I was trying to be a photo journalist.