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Tucker---Thinking Dog

Our rescue dog Tucker is a pure peach of a mutt.  He has this uncanny ability to make eye contact and connect; honestly if he started talking one day it would seem fitting. He’s cool to look at too, and sporty and fast…just an all-around great dog.  And yet, despite all of his esteemed qualities, the velvet whorls of fur behind his ears are what I love most about him. Soft and soothing, those tufts possess an almost floral quality, smelling of dried hay and sunshine. It’s a uniquely Tucker smell and it’s in this Chinon I am drinking tonight. Chinon is made primarily from Cabernet Franc and grown in France’s Loire Valley. It’s almost always elegant, light bodied and utterly feminine. Tonight’s wine is all of that and more. Aromas of dried rose petals and blue fruits evoke sunshine and warmth…and Tucker’s ears, which for me translates into the undeniable appeal of dog love.  Possibly it’s this singular aroma that makes Chinon so fetching and uncomplicated. Cheers to ears.

$12, Château de Rivière, Chinon, 2009.