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Snowmaggedon—The Ice Capades–Day 3

Late last night I stood in my kitchen and conjured a sound—the swell of locust and cricket song on a mid-July eve.  It brought to mind the annual late drive home from 4th of July fireworks… the evening having cooled enough to bravely roll down a car window. We drive slowly under the massive oak canopy that covers our neighborhood; the thrum of crickets and locusts fills the ears. This nature’s symphony is summer at its peak. It is warm, soothing, humid…a uniquely southern cocktail.  Sigh.  Tonight I am sipping a wine whose aromas weave that summer spell, helping me to ignore the ice, snow, wind and cold that have darkened my mood. I inhale wet leaves, dark cherry, spice box, even a nudge of sulphur (fireworks anyone?).  It is dark and rich, supple and soft with a lingering finish. If you need to conjure your own summer, drink this now:  Estancia Meritage, 2007.  A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdot. $35