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I love Champagne, but my wallet does not.  Let’s just own the fact that nothing out there can hold a candle to the Real Deal—French Champagne with all its mineral glory and feisty bubbles is the bomb.  But, when we are living in the Real World (the one where I have to save money to send my kids to college) I drink other bubbly wines from little-known regions.  Enter: CJR, Reginato ‘Celestina’ Rosé of Malbec and CJR Reginato Blanc de Blancs.  The Rosé is around $20 and the Blanc de Blancs runs about $15.  These are hand-crafted boutique sparkling wines from Argentina and certainly the best value in bubbly on the market today.  The Rosé is rich and toasty with a charming floral nose and serious enough heft to drink with dinner.  The Blanc de Blancs won rave reviews at a recent party (several people called me later to get the name).   Crisp and fresh with citrus and stone fruits on the nose and zillions of tiny, luminescent bubbles in the glass, it’s a perfect start-the-party wine.  Cheers!