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Slim's Draw

Slim's Draw

When I picture the hereafter, this is just what it looks like…except there would be a pile of dark chocolate truffles and a case of Bordeaux in the picture too.   Lucky for me this place really does exist here on earth.  All you have to do is fly to Denver and drive a few hours north…you’ll crest a foothill in the Sierra Madre Range and in the sweeping valley below you’ll see it: The A Bar A Dude Ranch. There’s loads of stuff to do at the A Bar A…but really, if you didn’t come to ride than why bother?  The picture is of Slim’s Draw.  My trusty steed, Bourbon (no lie), squired me along the two-hour trail to this magnificent bald, high above the Wyoming plains. Upon arrival my husband, David, and I are greeted by the heady aromas of fried potatoes and grilled beef tenderloin.  The A Bar A staff has been busy all afternoon preparing an extravagant meal for the Slim’s riders!  How can it possibly get better?  With wine, of course.  The Slim’s Draw experience does not disappoint…I am served an earthy, Cabernet Franc from Quady Winery located in Southern Oregon. (Yes, there is far more to Oregon than Pinot Noir).  Succulent with cinnamon, spice and wild blackberry jam, this wine was made for the wilds.  Quady wines are hard to find and not made in massive amounts, so your best bet is to order online from the winery.  http://www.quadywinery.com

Really, your best bet is to ride to Slim’s with a bottle of this wine and raise a glass to America’s western beauty.