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My five year old rode a bike without training wheels today.  I wasn’t involved really, she just got on the bike and coasted down the drive…nodded her head as if agreeing with herself that this bike thing was going to be a good idea and took off.  Once again I found myself gaping…motherhood brings that out a lot in me.  I’m either gaping at the sassy third grade girls flirting with my middle son (they’d better watch it) or I’m gaping at the amount of mud my kids can bring indoors.  Anyway, there I was gaping.  She just decided that she’d ride her bike and took a moment to let me know.

I watch as she glides away, her long hair spinning like a kite behind her, confident and sure.  I ponder this shift in my world, picturing her waving to me as she backs the car out of the drive—confident and sure behind a real set of wheels.  How does time just fly like this?  Parenthood has given me a keen appreciation for time.  I sigh (motherhood brings that out a lot too…sigh), and try to hold onto this very minute as she wheels her bike around and speeds down the driveway dressed in a navy blue leotard and grinning madly. Hello?  Speeding? I’m thinking she can get behind real wheels maybe age 25?  No worries, we’ve got time.

This leads me to wine–because just about everything in my life leads to wine.  Today I need something feminine but with a youthful, fresh edge to it…a rose (picture an accent over that ‘e’) fits the bill.  One of my standbys is Coppola’s Sofia Rosé.  It’s a gorgeous wild salmon color accented with aromas of strawberries and rosewater.  A kick of citrus keeps it snappy and fresh.  Crack this open and invite the girls over for a whine and wine in the driveway on a humid summer afternoon and raise a glass to time.   Bottle retails for about $16. If you can’t find Sofia, add these to your shopping list:

Albemarle Rosé, 2007 (Virginia) $12

Angoves Nine Vines Rosé, 2007, (Australia) $12